Blog posts & News articles

Leimer, C. (2020, October 27). Finding My Identity After Losing My Job at 60. Next Avenue. Article Link.

Leimer, C. (2020, November 23). Daydreams as a tool for problem-solving. Spirituality & Health.  Article Link.

Jacobi, E. (2019, September 23). Can Mission Statements Foster A Culture Of Innovation? Article Link.

Jacobi, E. (2020, July 15). How Excessive Boredom Can Fuel Innovation. Article Link

Jacobi, E. (2019, November 8). 'Hurry, Let's Wait' And Other Signs That Your Company Is Not Agile. Article Link.

Jacobi, E. (2020, August 5). Innovation Leadership During Times Of Multivocality.  Article Link.

Podcasts & Streaming Videos

LeBusque, M. (2020, August 10). Erika Jacobi - Who are you? [podcast episode). In Simply, practically human with Mark LeBusque. Episode Link.

Terrar, D. (2020, September 2). An interview with Dr. Erika Jacobi. [YouTube livestream video]. In Impossible Things with David Terrar. Resource Link.

Forish, J. (2020, December 20). Erika Jacobi: Leadership & Change. [podcast episode]. In You say data, I say dayta. Episode Link.

Articles and Book Chapters

Cotter-Lockard, D. (2018). Collective Virtuosity: Lessons in Personal and Small Group Transformation from Classical Chamber Musicians. In J. Neal (Ed.), Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation (pp. 1-23). eBook: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-66893-2 

Cotter-Lockard, D. (2018). Schutz’s Mutual Tuning-In Relationship: Forming a “We Presence” in Music Performance. Schutzian Research, 10, 107-125. 

Curran, K. (forthcoming Spring, 2021) Global Resonance and Global Leader Identity: Completing the Cycle of Knowing, Doing, and Becoming. In G. Perruci (Ed.) The study and practice of global leadership. ​​​​​​​Emerald.

Feng, J. (2022). Applying the Taoist way of thinking in dialogic consulting: Following the client's way with three maxims. Organization Development Review 54(2), 28-32.

Feng, J. (2022). Five Maxims for Practicing OD Consulting in China. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 58(2), 346-349. 

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Feng, J. (2021). Practicing OD consulting in China: Engaging the roots of Chinese culture with five maxims. Organization Development Journal, 39(3), 11-22.

Winner of the Best Article Award for Organizational Development Journal in 2021.

Feng, J. (2017). Thought from China: When in doubt engage cover processes in change interventions. OD Practitioner 49(4), 22-27.

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Conference Papers, Proceedings & Presentations

Cotter-Lockard, D. (2016). Collective Virtuosity: Music Lessons for Leaders, a theoretical and experiential presentation at Fielding Graduate University, Winter National Session, in a symposium titled, “Performance as Knowing.”  

Cotter-Lockard, D. (2018). Schutz’s Mutual Tuning-In Relationship: Forming a “We Presence” in Music Performance. Paper presented at the 4th Conference of the International Alfred Schutz Circle for Phenomenology and Interpretive Sociology, Konstanz, Germany. 

Cotter-Lockard, D. (2013).  The Generative Team: How chamber music coaches use love and energy to enable student musicians to collaborate effectively.  Paper presented at the 3rd Conference of the International Association of Management, Spirituality, and Religion (IAMSR), Lourdes, France. 

Cotter-Lockard, D. (11/2012).  Playing in a String Quartet: Somatic Awareness and Embodied Expression. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences (SPHS), Rochester, NY. 

Curran, K. (2021, March 11). Impact of the “Cultural Glass Ceiling” on global talent development in the global enterprise. [Conference presentation]. The Forum on Workplace Inclusion.

Curran, K. (2020, November 7). Personalizing Global in the Global Enterprise: A Paradox AND a Possibility? [Conference presentation]. ILA Global Conference.


Cotter-Lockard, D. (2012). Chamber Music Coaching Strategies and Rehearsal Techniques that Enable Collaboration (Doctoral Dissertation). Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA.