Blog Posts & News Articles

Price-Mitchell, M. (2021). Curiosity is a core predictor of academic performance. Roots of Action

Price-Mitchell, M. (2021). Social emotional development in the classroom. Roots of Action

Price-Mitchell, M. (2021). Student success develops from inside out. Roots of Action

Articles & Book Chapters

Docherty, M.A., Richard, M.P. (in press). Achieving person-centered care through a team-based care ecoystem approach. Healthcare Management Forum.

Docherty, M.A., Simcoe, J., Smith, C.J., Martin, F. (in press). Mapping the journey from the head to the heart: Actualizing Indigenization in Health and Human Services education. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

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Media (Websites, podcasts, etc.)

Craft, N. Media for all: a website to address the needs of women over age 40 who want to share their expertise through storytelling and community building using multi-media and social media [website]. 

Docherty, M.A. (2020). Sociocultural learning in emergency medicine: a holistic examination of competence. Diagnosis, 7(3), 325-332. doi:10.1515/dx-2020-0001

Conference Papers, Proceedings, and Presentations

Docherty, M., Martin, F., Simcoe, J., & Smith, C. “Actualizing Indigenization – where learning meets practice” S’TENISTOLW Indigenous Adult and Post-Secondary Education Conference, Victoria, BC, August 2020 (Postponed).

Docherty, M. & Richard, M. “Team-based care: Clinical and corporate supports working as teams” (On Demand Presentation) BC Patient Safety & Quality Council Quality Forum 2021, Vancouver, BC (Virtual), February 2021.

Docherty, M. “Foregrounding Shadow Assessments and Hidden Curriculum to Improve CBME Practices”, UBC’s Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) Day 2020, Vancouver, BC (Virtual), October 2020.

Docherty, M. “Situated Competence: Resolving the paradox between professional competence and quality improvement”, (Poster) BC Patient Safety & Quality Council Quality Forum 2020, Vancouver, BC, February 2020.

Eddington, S. (2021, February 22-26). A new attitude: Pop music promoting self-love and acceptance [conference presentation]. Southwest Popular/American Culture Association 42nd Annual Conference. Virtual conference. 

Eddington, S. (2021, February 22-26). Women, gender, and sexuality 7: Digital feminism [conference panel & presentation]. Southwest Popular/American Culture Association 42nd Annual Conference. Virtual conference.