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Articles & Book Chapters

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Conference Papers, Proceedings & Presentations

Cotter-Lockard, D. and Shapiro, J. (1/2011). Can we be free in an un-free world? Adorno’s concept of false consciousness. Presented at Fielding Graduate University, Winter National Session, in a symposium titled, “Music, Consciousness, and Society”  

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Newberg, A. B., Waldman, M. R., Newberg, S., Cotter-Lockard, D., & Baker, J. (2010). Development of a Mindfulness-Based Dialogue Technique: Preliminary Data on Effects of Compassionate Communication on Intimacy.  Ms. Cotter-Lockard presented the paper at the American Psychological Association Annual Conference, San Diego (8/2010).

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Price-Mitchell, M. (2016). Teaching tomorrow's change makers: The power of service, citizenship and social change. Keynote presented at the Learning and the Brain Conference, Boston, MA.

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Bowles Gibbons, S. Ikigai Women's Leadership Circle. A course for women’s personal and professional development.