Awards and Accolades

Dominique Eugene, PhD, received the APA Global Citizen Psychologist Citation for 2022. Click here to read more details. 

Blog posts and news articles

Beyer, M. & Elliott, S.A. (2020, March 19).  Family visits are an essential service for youth in foster care.  The Imprint.

Articles & Book Chapters

Blanc, J., Eugene, D., Louis, E.F. et al. Mental Health Among Children Older than 10 Years Exposed to the Haiti 2010 Earthquake: A Critical Review. Curr Psychiatry Rep 22, 57 (2020).

Docherty, M. A. (2020). Sociocultural learning in emergency medicine: a holistic examination of competence. Diagnosis.

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Louis, E. F., Ingabire, W., Isano, S., Eugene, D., & Blanc, J. (2020). Rwanda’s response during COVID-19. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 12(5), 565-566.

McVicker, S. A. M. (2020). Editorial. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly. Https://

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Media (Websites, podcasts, etc.)

Talbott, J. Eating disorders at midlife [website]. 

Talbott, J. (2019, December 2). Eating disorder diagnoses are growing in women over 40. The Confluence podcast, NPR.

Talbott, J. (2019, September). Discussing research on women at midlife with eating disorders. Interview by L. Hayes-Freeland. The Lynne Hayes-Freeland Show [television broadcast]. Pittsburgh: CBS KDKA. Part 1. Part 2

Conference Papers, Proceedings & Presentations

Eugene, D. (December 2020). “Conversations from the Field: Helping the Healers.” [Facilitated discussion with members] California Association for Infant Mental Health.

Eugene, D. (August 2020). “Addressing Racism & Social Justice in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health: Challenging ourselves and systems.” [Panel discussion] California Association for Infant Mental Health.

Eugene, D. (July 2020). “Conversation on Race and Social Justice - Being Black in America.” [Panel discussion] Monterey County Behavioral Health Bureau.

Eugene, D. (April 2020). “Coronavirus on the Ground – Realities and Anticipations.” [Webinar] Thoughts in the Time of Corona – Voices from Fielding Graduate University Part 2 panel discussion 

Eugene, D. (2022, June 24-26). Claiming generational strengths: Ancestors gave more than their words [Conference presentation]. SPSSI Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

McVicker, S. (2021, October 14). The spirit of the circle: Indigenous worldview [conference presentation]. 2021 IFS Annual Conference, hosted virtually.