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Tips & quirks


The page of this guide is intended to highlight common issues that may arise when using Zotero.  This list is by no means comprehensive.  For the most current help information, be sure to visit consult the Zotero help forum: https://forums.zotero.org/

For more information about Zotero support, please go to: https://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_support

Improper save icon

Have you opened an article, only to find a "grayed out" article icon or a folder icon?

If you encounter this issue, opening the PDF in another window will allow you to save properly. 

Incorrect citation information

Zotero imports metadata from resources to create in-text citations, references and bibliographies.  If the information associated with your resource is incorrect or doesn't convert to the citation style you choose, you can manually adjust that information with the "Info" pane in your Zotero desktop library:

Items are not saving correctly

If items are not successfully importing into your library, please click here to troubleshoot issues with Zotero's translators.


Unlinked in-text citations

If you are collaborating with others who may edit your in-text citations and/or save your document in a different format than your original document, your in-text citations may "unlink" from your bibliography.

When you use the "Add/Edit Citation" function in Word, Zotero pulls from those in-text citations to create your bibliography.  Changes made on your document to the in-text citations can unlink this information, and there is no way to re-link.  The in-text citations must be recreated.

If you must edit your document, be sure to save a "linked," original version separate from your working copy that is being edited.

Remember that changes to your resources should be made within your Zotero library and not in your paper.