Zotero: An Introduction

Learn about different software to help save, organize and cite your research.


Zotero is free, open-access tool that allows you to save, organize and cite your library research.  This guide is designed to help you get started using this resource.  To learn more in-depth information, be sure to watch our nine-part video tutorial series, and explore Zotero's website to learn all of Zotero's features.

Is Zotero right for you?

  • Do you use different computers when doing research?
    • Zotero allows you to create an online account, so you have to access your work anywhere you have internet access.
  • Do you need to share your research with others?
    • Zotero allows you to create or join groups to collaborate remotely.
  • Do you need to occasionally work without internet access?
    • Zotero has a desktop version.  You can sync your desktop library with your online account when you have internet access and are able to login to your account.
  • Do you like to mark up documents that you read?
    • You can add notes to and highlight documents. 
  • Are you using the Office 365 cloud-based version of Word?
    • You will not be able to use the Word plug-in to generate citations
  • Are you fairly "tech savvy"?
    • Zotero hosts a forum to assist users with troubleshooting issues with Zotero.  If you are not comfortable troubleshooting minor software issues, Zotero may not be the best tool for you. 

Zotero Video Tutorial Series