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Postbaccalaureate Program: Getting Started

Welcome to the library!

Welcome to the Fielding library! This guide is intended to help familiarize you with our resources and offer guidance on searching for materials related to Clinical Psychology.  Be sure to explore each of the tabs along the top of the screen, and remember you are always welcome to contact our librarians for assistance:

Quick Reference Guides

These short guides include screenshot tutorials of how to accomplish various tasks in Fielding's library.

Be sure to view our video tutorials on our Fielding Library YouTube Channel.

More Search Help

Check out our Research Guide on Library Research Methods. It covers:

1.     Basics - Tips for formulating a good search strategy and using Boolean logic.

2.     Intermediate - Learn how to use quotation marks, the asterisk, and proximity operators to make your searches faster and more effective.

3.     Advanced - Delve into the complex world of citation searching and journal rankings to uncover hidden connections.

4.     Journal Rankings - Find out which journals are the top journals in your field.

Navigating the library website

View a brief tour of the library website below.  To view captions, choose to view the video in YouTube and click on 'CC' in the bottom, right corner.

To search for a journal or eBook, follow the 'Journals, books and databases' link from the library website. To locate articles, use FASTsearch, databases, or search within a particular journal.  View the short video below to learn how to search for journals and eBooks by title. 

Using FASTsearch

FASTsearch is the tool in Fielding's library which allows you to search most, but not all, of our database content at once. The video on this page will help you learn how to run a basic search and filter your results.

Watch this video to learn about additional features of FASTsearch, including saving searches and citation tools.