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Alumni Library Services: Using Our Databases, Journals and E-Books

Quick Reference Guides

These short guides include screenshot tutorials of how to accomplish various tasks in Fielding's library.

Be sure to view all of our Quick Tip Documents and Quick Tip Videos under the 'Help' tab of the library services page.

Locating Databases, Journals, and E-Books

If you haven't accessed Fielding Library's resources in a while, you may need a brief refresher on how to locate the items you need. Use the tabs along the top of this box to learn how to locate databases, journals, and e-book titles.  

At the top of both alumni library collections you will find the features that let you search by title, browse by title, or select individual databases:


The center of the page provides opportunities to search by DOI number, browse by title, or browse by subject:


The bottom portion of the page includes the alphabetic databases list which includes both subscription and open access resources. In the Extended Library this will appear as a drop-down menu:

To search for a particular title, you will only need to use the top portion of the alumni library page.  Here, you will select either the 'Journals Only' or 'Books Only' option and can then set the drop-down menu to your desired search field.  If you would like this search to function more like a keyword search, select 'title contains all words':

If you prefer to browse titles, use the linked letters below the search box or the 'browse by subject' feature to do so:

FASTsearch is only available in the Extended Alumni Library collection.  When connected to the collection you can access FASTsearch by clicking on the red button at the top of the screen:

You can then use the search box, or 'advanced search' link, on the following page to search all of the databases in the collection at once.