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Introduction to the Library: Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a useful tool in your research repertoire. Learn how and when to use it to your best advantage.

The advantage of using one of the ways described to access Google Scholar is that you are authenticated (because you will prompted to login with your Moodle account) as a Fielding Graduate University student and can then access the resources in our collection directly from your Google Scholar search.

When you look up an article title, if we have the resource in one of our databases, you'll see a "Full-text" or "Full-Text @ Fielding" link on the right side of the results page:


Take your pick!

Choose one of the three ways below to set up Google Scholar!


If you've saved Google Scholar in your library links, or accessed through the database, or accessed it from a bookmark, you will be prompted to login with your Moodle credentials.  Your address bar or url should then look like this:

Library Links

Set up Google Scholar so that Fielding Library is saved in your library links.*

*Note that your screen may appear differently depending upon your device.

To do this, go to Google Scholar and click on the menu in the upper right corner:undefined

Then click on "Settings":   undefined

Then click on "Library links": undefined

Look up "Fielding Graduate University" in the search box, and then click to check-mark the box that appears


You must click "Save" to implement the changes:    undefined


Access through the library

Another way to access Google Scholar is through the the library's 'Databases' list.  Once you've done this, you can bookmark it for future use. 

Click on the 'Journals, Books and Databases' link under the default 'Research' tab on the main Library Service page:

Scroll down through the alphabetical 'Databases' list and open Google Scholar:


With Google Scholar open, bookmark it, and in the future you can simply open it from your bookmark and login with your Moodle credentials.