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Below is a list of shorter training topics (~15-20 minutes each). You can create a new session using these options or add them to an existing session:

  • Database-specific Instruction: ask a librarian to demonstrate the ins and outs of utilizing a particular database (suggestions: PubMed, SAGE Research Methods, Social Sciences Citation Index) 
  • Locating Tests & Measures: a librarian will demonstrate suggested resources/strategies to employ when searching for tests & measures or information about them 
  • Citation Managers 101: a brief overview defining citation managers, suggesting tools, and connecting students with help resources
  • Program-specific Resource Highlights: ask a librarian to highlight and demonstrate some of the best library resources related to a particular course or subject
  • How did I find that again?: learn tips to help you keep track of your searches and search terms. Topics include: how to save searches; how to save individual items; easy ways to organize search terms; setting up table of contents and search alerts

Library Instruction

Library instruction sessions are a great way for your students to develop valuable research and information literacy skills. Find a list of our instructional offerings below, or contact us so we can work with you to customize a session that meets your needs. Use this form to request a session or email us to learn more.

Library Orientation

Library Orientation -- 60 minutes

Introductory information about utilizing our library resources. Great for new students or those who have not used the library in a while. 

Topics include:

  • Navigation & site organization
  • Definitions of major search tools
  •  Using FASTsearch
  • Searching for journals and books
  •  Using our document delivery service

Advanced Search Skills

Advanced Search Skills -- 45-90 minutes (you choose)

Students will learn a variety of search tips and strategies. Topics can be customized but generally include:

  • Developing search terms
  • Search tips/syntax
  • Choosing where to search
  • Using filters and database features to narrow results 
  • Cited reference searching 
  • Organizing/Managing resources

APA Citation Refresher

APA Citation Refresher -- 30 minutes

A brief overview of the basics of reading and creating APA citations, including:

  • How to read basic citation formats
  • Constructing basic in-text citations and references 
  • Best APA help resources
  • Recommendations regarding tool that auto-generate citations


Library Hacks

Library Hacks -- 30 minutes

Tips and tricks to make finding and saving resources as painless as possible. Topics include:

  • Using LibKeyNomad to access subscription resources outside of the library
  • Using BrowZine and table of contents alerts to stay up-to-date with scholarly publications
  • Google Scholar tips and tricks
  • The 'Best Way To...' series of tips about accomplishing various common tasks

Introduction to Zotero

Introduction to Zotero -- 60 minutes

Offers getting started information in the use of Zotero, a citation manager, including:

  • Download & set-up
  • Adding items to your Zotero library
  • Organizing your library
  • Using Zotero with word processors
  • Common troubleshooting tips 

Publishing Opportunities

Publishing Opportunities -- 30 minutes

Learn about tools to help identify journals in which to publish along with tips to avoid predatory publishers. Topics covered include:

  • Text analyzers / Journal suggester tools
  • Journal ranking sites (primarily SciMago)
  • Avoiding predatory publishers (resources and strategies)
  • Cabell's Directory (for psychology publications)