Let Us Help!

Reading list created? Still sorting out the details?

You are welcome to email the library your reading list or syllabus and request that we confirm whether the readings are available. We can quickly review these lists, provide direct links to resources, and let you know if something is unavailable and will need to be purchased by students. 

Requesting Items

Please review the FAQs below which include information about requesting items be added to the library and what to do if something is unavailable. 


How can I request that a book be added to the library?

Reach out to the Director of Library Services, Abby Rae, and she can assist with book purchases. Please send either a citation for the work you are requesting or as much detail as possible in order for a match to be identified in our ordering system. 

Please note that not all books are available in digital format with a library license allowing multiple user access. We will do our best to find an access point to the content you need or work with you to identify possible alternatives.

How can I request that a journal be added to our library collection?

Reach out to the Director of Library Services and provide the title of the journal and any additional information. 

Please note that nearly 100% of our journal subscriptions come in packages from vendors and it can be difficult to license individual titles. If licensing options are not available, we can discuss alternative access options (if available) to help connect you to the content you need. 

What if I assign a reading that is not available in the library?

In most cases, students will likely need to purchase the text if it is not included in our collection. To avoid out-of-pocket costs for students, we highly recommend reaching out to the library in advance to determine the availability of readings. We can check to see if it is possible to add the resource to our collection or suggest alternatives as appropriate. 

What if I want to use a video in a course?

We have access to over 6,000 video titles on the Kanopy platform as well as access to 300 clinical training videos on psychotherapy.net. You can browse those collections or contact the library about specific subject area needs.

If you want to access a video not already included in our Kanopy subscription, please reach out to the library and provide the title and any additional details. We can check to see if the video is available to license. 

Most films on Kanopy include public performance rights for authorized users. This means that you can play them in your courses or sessions as long as you are only showing them to folks with authorized access (current students/faculty/staff with access to our library).