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Education Program Resources: Home

Using this guide

Welcome to the Fielding Library! This guide is intended to help you determine how to best locate materials related to your subject of interest. Use the tabs at the top of the screen to view all of this guide's content.

On this page, you will find links out to general help materials related to navigating our library and discovering content. The following pages will provide database suggestions and guidance on searching for literature. 

Education is a diverse field of study which often overlaps with, draws from, and contributes to many other disciplines such as economics, history, sociology, and more. Faculty recommend that in addition to exploring education-specific resources you consider broadening your searches across disciplines to find more relevant literature and perspectives. The 'Useful Resources' tab will provide resource suggestions and descriptions.  The 'Search Tips' tab will offer further guidance for interdisciplinary research.

FASTsearch, Journals, and e-Books

FASTsearch is the tool that allows you to search most, but not all, of our database content at once. It's a great tool for preliminary research since it indexes such a large quantity of materials from an array of sources. Once you're comfortable with the simple search box be sure to check out the 'advanced search' page to have even more control over your searches.

Take a look at the 'Journals' and 'E-Books' tabs in this box for guidance on searching for specific titles.

Check out the video below to help get you started with FASTsearch. Then, when you'd like to learn more, try watching the full FASTsearch video playlist to learn more tips and tricks.

The library has access to over 47,000 journal subscriptions. To search for a journal, follow the 'journal and book title' link from the library website. To locate articles, use FASTsearch, databases, or search within a particular journal.  You can also view this short video to learn how to search for journal content:

Quick Reference Guides

These short guides include screenshot tutorials of how to accomplish various tasks in Fielding's library.

Be sure to view all of our Quick Tip Documents and Quick Tip Videos under the 'Help' tab of the library services page.