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Linking to Library Resources: Faculty Tip

This guide will show you how to take advantage of permalinks and stable URLs to connect directly to the content you need.

Using Permalinks in your Syllabus!

Many students have expressed interest in having live links in syllabi or Moodle course-pages which will connect them to library resources.  With our new authentication method, this is now easier than ever!  We'll offer a couple suggestions below. 

You are always welcome to contact the library for assistance and we're glad to help get you started.

Articles without DOI numbers

You can link to articles without DOI numbers by utilizing their permalink or stable URL. These links are available for many of the works in our collection. View the 'Locating Article Permalinks' tab of this guide to learn more. 

Articles with DOI numbers

It's easy to include links to articles with DOI numbers in your syllabus.  

You will always use this as the beginning of the URL:

Next, simply copy and paste the DOI number and add it to the end of the URL after the forward slash:

Be sure to test the link to see if it works properly.

That's it! Now when a student follows that link they will be asked to input log-in credentials and then will be connected directly to the article in Fielding's library collection.