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Cited Reference Searching: PsycINFO

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Ways to Search

First, connect to PsycINFO by following the 'databases' link on the library website. 

As with the other databases, you can look for a particular article or research a subject of interest using the PsycINFO database.

Tracking Citations

To track citations, complete a search either for a known item or on a given topic.  In this example, we will research a topic of interest. First, input a few search terms and press search:

On the results page, choose an article you are interested in and that has citations you would like to follow:

Shown above, there is a 'cited by' link below the article description. Following this link will bring up a new page listing all of the citing articles. *Note, you may sort these articles by 'most recent first', 'oldest first', or author name.