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What is Cited Reference Searching?

Cited reference searching is a research strategy you can use to find out what other authors/articles are citing a particular work. While it is most common to use this strategy when searching for known items, you can also use this strategy when searching on a topic more generally.

Why use it? This is a great way to find current literature on a given topic as well as to visualize the larger conversation surrounding your research.  

Note: Cited reference searching is a great way to find related materials, but you must examine the citation numbers carefully. Some articles are heavily cited because they are important milestones in the literature. Others are cited heavily because they are controversial or contested and are thus commented on frequently.

What Databases Can I Use?

Only one of our databases is dedicated specifically to cited reference searching: Social Sciences Citation Index. You can locate this database by following the 'databases' link on the library website.

Even though other databases are not dedicated to this type of searching, they can still be useful in tracking citations. Google Scholar and some ProQuest databases like PsycINFO are great options.


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