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Instruments - Tests & Measures: PsycTESTS

PsycTESTS Video Tutorial

Finding reliability, validity and factor analysis info on a test

Getting permissions to use tests

Take a look at this post from the APA Publishing Blog to learn how to use these resources in your dissertation.

PsycTESTS overview

You can connect to PsycTESTS from the "Journals, Books and Databases" link on the library homepage.  

As with most databases, you can search words or phrases, and use the drop down menu to refine your query:


You can also browse by clicking on the "Test Lookup" link on the right:



This will open a pop-up menu, which allows you to browse alphabetically:



Sample search

In the sample search below, the search phrase is "Child and Adolescent Behavior Inventory" and "Test Name" is selected from the drop-down menu:

The results are shown below.  Click the "Test" link with the PDF icon to access the actual test: