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All About eBooks: Troubleshooting

Information on our digital book platforms and how to use them.

I need help with....

If you're having trouble with EBSCO eBooks, take a look at some of these helpful tips.  If you are still unable to use this resource, please contact us at

"eBook in use"

When trying to access an ebook on EBSCOhost there is a message that says "sorry, this ebook is in use." 

EBSCO restricts use to one student at a time. Usually if you just give it a bit of time the other user will get out of the book and you will be able to access it. You can also place a hold on the book so that you are alerted when it is available for you to read.

If the eBook you have chosen to download is in use by another patron, you have the opportunity to place a hold on the eBook to download when it becomes available. Enter your e-mail address in the field provided and click the Place Hold button.

The eBook is placed in the Holds area of your My EBSCOhost Folder. When the eBook is available, you are notified via the e-mail address you provided and the eBook appears in the Checkouts area of your folder.

You may place holds on up to 20 books.

Mac/Safari users

Why am I receiving a "Plug-in not found" error when opening a PDF on a Mac using Safari?

This issue is most frequently seen when trying to view a PDF file on a Mac running the Safari 5.1 browser.

This can be corrected by upgrading your browser to Safari 5.1.2. You can upgrade your browser at the following link:

Apple Support

Can I read an eBook on my iPad or iPhone?

How can I tell if an EBSCO eBook is compatible with my iPhone/iPod/iPad (Apple device)?

All EBSCO eBooks are compatible with iOS devices.

In cases where an eBook contains Digital Rights Management (DRM), a DRM capable app is required to download and read the eBook.

The EBSCO eBooks app allows you to find and download eBooks right to your device. Learn more about the app.

In addition to the EBSCO eBooks app, other DRM capable apps, such as Bluefire, allow you to read EBSCO eBooks on your device.

For more information, see the following FAQ:

How can I download EBSCO eBooks to an Apple device and read them using the Bluefire Reading app?