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Clinical Psychology : Clinical Interview Videos

About Clinical Videos

Fielding offers two collections of clinical videos for you to view. Both video collections offer a comprehensive range of materials and feature transcripts.

What's new in July?

The library has added the clinical videos to our collection. Please check them out! Here are some sample titles featured in the series. Videos

Includes 100 clinical sessions featuring current and historically significant psychotherapists and covering a wide range of modalities, populations and approaches. View actual and staged sessions, and hear leading experts discuss their thoughts behind their interventions. Videos also capture the critical non-verbal aspects of therapy and you can freeze the action at any point to discuss the subtleties of the therapeutic process. Includes searchable transcripts.

Access from the library home page.


A video database with working clinicians demonstrating therapeutic techniques with individuals, couples and families. It features well-known therapists working with participants on a host of therapeutic topics. Full, searchable transcripts are included for each sesson.To locate the videos you want, you can search by keyword or browse by: therapist name, therapy topic, and therapeutic approach.

Access PsycTHERAPY from the library home page.


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