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Library Research: FASTsearch

Learn how to expand or narrow searches, use nesting, phrase searching, truncation and wildcards, proximity, and more

Using FASTsearch

FASTsearch is the tool in Fielding's library which allows you to search most, but not all, of our database content at once. The video on this page will help you learn how to run a basic search and filter your results.  Click on the 'advanced' tab above to watch the video about advanced searching and saving your results. 

Curious to know which databases are and are not included? There a links to complete lists in the 'Search' column of our main library website.

This tutorial will explain how to use filters on the FASTsearch results page to refine your search.

View the tutorial materials below to learn about using the Advanced search features of FASTsearch.


This video will show you how to temporarily and permanently save searches in FASTsearch