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Master's ODL: Literature Review

Web Resources About Writing Literature Reviews

How to use Zotero to create an annotated bibliography

Why do a literature review?

Scholarly research often begins with a literature review, which involves identifying published research on a subject.  It is a way of becoming educated on a topic.

A literature review allows you to:

  • learn about the history or background on a subject; how accepted theories may have changed over time
  • become familiar with important themes, areas of study and specialization
  • become familiar with important authors and seminal works

Before beginning your research, consider the following questions?

What is the scope of your project?  Are you writing a dissertation, or a 10-page paper?  How much historical context or background do you plan to include?  How much time will you devote to opposing viewpoints?

All of these considerations will effect where and how you conduct your research.