For a comparison of over 30 reference managers, check out this Wikipedia article.


Mendeley is a free reference manager from the company Elsevier.

  • Do you use different computers when doing research?
    • Mendeley allows you to create an online account, allowing you to access your work anywhere you have internet access.
  • Do you need to share your research with others?
    • Mendeley allows you to create or join groups to collaborate remotely.
  • Do you need to occasionally work without internet access?
    • Mendeley has a desktop version.  You can sync your desktop library with your online account when you have internet access and are able to login to your account.
  • Do you like to mark up documents that you read?
    • You can add notes to and highlight documents. 
  • Are you using the Office 365 click-to-run version of Word?
    • This version of Word is not compatible with Mendeley.
  • Are you fairly "tech savvy"?
    • Mendeley has a troubleshooting page on its website.

Anyone with a Mendeley account can start or join a public or private group dedicated to specific topics.  These allow you to find references and hold discussions on subjects relevant to you.

Mendeley is best used for saving resources in PDF format.  If your research includes research with other formats, Mendeley may not be the best tool for you.


EndNote Basic, the free version, is not recommended by the Fielding librarians.

EndNote (X9 as of June 2019) is a subscription resource from Clarivate Analytics (previously Thomson Reuters).  There is a 30-day free trial, and discount rates for students. Subscriptions include free technical support via chat, email and phone.  EndNote is often the best choice for those who do not feel comfortable troubleshooting technical problems with software.

You can add our proxy URL to EndNote to make the 'Find Full Text' feature more effective.  NOTE: Enabling this feature will improve EndNote's ability to find/attach PDFs but it does not find everything.  There will still be times you will need to locate full-text works in Fielding's library.  

To set up 'Find Full Text':

  1. Select 'Preferences' and then the 'Find Full Text' option. 
  2. Check all of the boxes including 'Open URL'. 
  3. In the 'Open URL' section input:
  4. In the 'Authenticate with URL' section input:
  5. Then make sure to save your settings

Fielding cannot offer technical support for EndNote; however, you may contact EndNote's tech support team directly for assistance:


The free version of RefWorks is not recommended by Fielding librarians.

The Institutional Proquest version of RefWorks is not available through Fielding Graduate University.