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Faculty Resources: LibGuides for Courses

What is a LibGuide?

LibGuides are easy-to-use, customizable content management systems.  Thousands of libraries worldwide use these guides as a means to curate and share knowledge on a variety of subjects, courses, assignments, and more.  

Want a Guide for your Course?

The library staff are happy to work with you to create a guide for your course! Whether you want to create a guide on a certain subject, pertaining to an assignment, or as a means to walk students through the research process, your librarians will work with you to develop the guide that suits your needs. 

Contact your Reference and Instruction Librarian, Abby Rae, if you are interested in learning more:

Contact us




  Call: (805) 898-2920

  Call: (805) 898-4035

Using LibGuides in Your Course

LibGuides are a great way to present content to your students. Consider these points:

  • Easy to use and completely customizable 
  • Can be updated and revised at any time
  • Can be embedded directly into your Moodle course page
  • Accessible to students 24/7, whenever they need the information
  • One central location for all related content
  • If you know how to navigate a website, you already know how to navigate a LibGuide

LibGuide for IECD Program

Below is a copy of the guide created for the new IECD program. To view the guide full screen, click here.

Embed Features

Display information about recommended book titles

Embed media such as videos and podcasts.


Link to a particular document or file.