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All about eBooks: Oxford Handbooks

Information on our digital book platforms and how to use them.

What are Oxford Handbooks?

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1. Can I print text from Oxford Handbooks Online?

Yes. You can print content from Oxford Handbooks Online by article unit. To print any article from the Oxford Handbooks Online site, simply use the Printer Friendly link icon at the top of the right hand navigation area. A preview window will appear with the correctly formatted pages, minus the site navigation components. Please note that restrictions apply – see below for guidelines on legal printing and copyright.

2. Can I save articles as PDF from Oxford Handbooks Online?

Yes. You can print or save individual articles to PDF from Oxford Handbooks Online. To generate a PDF of an individual article, simply click on "Download Article (pdf) on the right hand menu of the full text article page. You can then save or print the PDF as required. Please note that Copyright restrictions apply.