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Cited Reference Searching: Google Scholar

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Connecting to Google Scholar

It is important to connect to Google Scholar through the Fielding Library.  When you do so, upon completing a search, the results list will indicate which items are available wthin the library.  This will save you time, allowing you to instantly connect to library materials.

Tracking Citations

To follow a list of citations in Google Scholar, you can either search for a particular article, or a topic of interest. In this example, we will search for a certain article. To do so, simply input the full article title into the search box:

On the results page, your matching article (if there is one) will be in the top of the list. If the article is available through Fielding's library, you will see a link noting this on the right side of the screen.  Below the description of the article, you will see a hyperlink which says 'cited by #':

To see which other articles have cited the one you looked up, follow the 'cited by' link. This will bring up a new list of all of the citing articles:

Once you bring up the 'cited by' results, you can refine them in a few ways. For instance, using the tools on the left side of the screen you can filter by publication year.  At the top of the results list, you can use the checkbox 'search within citing articles' to conduct a keyword search within the results list.  This is particularly useful if your results list contains a large quantity of articles.