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Introduction to the Library, Part II: Google Scholar

Why use Google Scholar?

If you have searched the library catalog using FASTsearch and could not find an article, your next step is to search for the article in Google Scholar. You can view and access materials in Fielding's Library as well as at other institutions.

1) Login to Moodle/Felix with your Fielding ID

2) Click on the Databases link on the library home page

3) Scroll down to Google Scholar and click on the link


Pro Tip

You can search Google Scholar without logging into Fielding's system. However, you won't be able to access Fielding Library materials. To increase your odds of getting the materials you want, and to save time, access Google Scholar through the Library.

Searching Google Scholar

How To Search Google Scholar

Step 1

Enter your search terms, such as an article title (see example below)


Step 2

You can filter your search results, or view multiple versions of the same article. You can also cite the article as a reference.